Stackable Reel Stands

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A single Stackable Reel Stand provides storage, protection, and payout functionality for one bulk cable reel. With multiple Stackable Reel Stands, users can create up to three tiers of reel storage in a compact footprint.

Stackable Reel Stands from BHS, Inc. offer a compact, modular, and mobile alternative to traditional reel racking. Each unit holds cable reel(s), enclosing it within a cubical steel frame—stackable up to three units high. 

Store unused reels while taking advantage of vertical space. Ship reels, loaded or unloaded, with greater protection. With a single, unstacked unit, the PRP-STK even makes an ideal manual payout solution.*     

Stackable Reel Stands are ideal for jobsites, where they save on shipping and support mobile payout. They’re also perfect for the electrical warehouse, where they double as storage systems and a stand-alone payout solution. 

Optional fork pockets and/or casters improve mobility, and can be removed for stacking.* No tools are required to stack or unstack units. Built-in stacking guides on the frame simplify nesting of vertical storage systems. Stackable Reel Stands are compatible with wooden and metal reels, with models designed for both narrow and standard steel reels from BHS, Inc. 

Learn more about Stackable Reel Stands and other reel-handling solutions by calling the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.


Features & Benefits

  • Compact storage for industrial cable reels
  • Stackable up to 3 tiers high for compact storage
  • Built-in steel guides simplify stand nesting
  • Unstacked units suitable for manual payout
  • Steel shaft rides effortlessly on UHMW alignment strips to prevent wear of components
  • Compatible with wooden or metal reels, including Standard and Narrow steel reels from BHS, Inc. 
  • Safety locks secure the shaft 
  • Removable fork pockets and/or caster options improve mobility
  • Supports reels up to 52” (1321 mm) in diameter
  • Carrying capacity: 5,000 lb (2268 kg)
  • Custom builds available on request

*Not recommended for stacking in high traffic areas. Secondary operator recommended to guide stacking. Do not attempt payout while units are stacked. Units shall not be transported while stacked.


Max Spool Width

Max Spool Diameter





Unloaded Weight



(712 mm)


(1321 mm)


(1480 mm)


(957 mm)


(1407 mm)

5,000 lb

(2268 kg)

365 lb

(166 kg)



(1118 mm)


(1321 mm)


(1480 mm)


(1111 mm)


(1407 mm)

5,000 lb

(2268 kg)

400 lb

(181 kg)

Casters (PRP-STK-C)*
(4) Casters for manual mobility
Fork Pockets (PRP-STK-FP)*
2 fork pockets for manual mobility

*Option removable to enable stacking

Video Resources

Stackable Reel Stands - Material Handling Minute


California Residents: WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm, and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Learn more here.