Operator Aboard Battery Extractors

BHS offers a variety of Operator Aboard Battery Extractors (BEs) for fleets of all sizes. These industrial battery pullers are the first of their kind to offer cloud-based digital integrations, through BE-MAXTM, BHS's state-of-the-art Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) package.

While each forklift battery changer is designed and built for a specific application, all units have features that make them the most versatile, reliable, and cost-effective options for Industry 4.0 applications. BHS battery changers reduce change-out times substantially, ensuring a more productive facility. Fully hydraulic operation allows for easier maintenance and longer operating lifespans. Operators access BE-MAX software through a touchscreen HMI on the control dashboard.

These units provide full usage reporting through the BE-MAX Web Portal, accessible with secured login from virtually any computer or mobile device. The Portal gives administrative users access to detailed session logs, system-health data, user authorization controls, telematics, and more. The Operator Aboard Battery Extractor’s heavy duty steel construction and durable powder-coat finish resist damage, while internal sensors send email notifications for condition-based or predictive maintenance plans.

Digital and Mechanical Safety Features Eliminate Hazards

Safety features vary by model and include velocity fuse protection, which prevents vertical drops due to hydraulic hose damage. A three-point safety switch system requires proper gate closure, engagement of foot pedal and key activation. A floor-drive cutout system with a proximity sensor prevents the vehicle from moving when the extractor arm is outside the carriage.

Meanwhile, BE-MAX systems provide further safeguards. Users log in at the HMI, preventing unauthorized access. Managers can require the completion of an Operator Daily Checklist every 24 hours to power the unit on; this protects both operators and the equipment by ensuring all systems are in optimal condition before use.

BHS forklift battery changers are essential equipment for any facility that requires frequent change-outs, and we combine ergonomic design with smart sensors and industrial computers to provide our clients with a fast return on investment.

Choosing a Forklift Battery Changer for Your Facility

Forklift battery changers that collect and transmit data maximize the value of the entire fleet, and Operator Aboard Battery Extractor Systems provide fast and safe battery handling for every shift.

Consider the following features when choosing a forklift battery changer for side-extraction fleets:

  • Extractor Arm Design

    Extractor arms provide the horizontal force required to push and pull large forklift batteries. Every model of BHS Battery Extractor (BHS BE) provides arm travel with two chrome-hardened shafts. This dual-shaft design allows BHS Battery Extractors to complete battery change-outs with extraordinary efficiency — often within 2-3 minutes per changeout. Metal shielding protects components from debris, while a helical rotary actuator bolts directly to the base plate. This helical-style actuator eliminates drift, reduces maintenance, and requires 75 percent fewer components and half the assembly time compared to competing designs.

  • Lift Capabilities

    Four hydraulic lift cylinders provide safe, smooth vertical travel for Single, Double, Triple, and Quad Stack Battery Extractors. As the weight of forklift batteries shifts during the change-out process, the BHS Non-Inner-Flow Manifold carefully controls hydraulic power, limiting stress on mechanical components while ensuring steady positioning for the operator. Inner frames maintain their level at any height thanks to a fully synchronized eight-point equalization system. An accelerometer detects dropped batteries and other unsafe use, generating push notifications for managers.

  • Floor Travel Systems

    Single-actuated floor travel is the industry standard for forklift battery changers, but BHS Battery Extractors double the power with two independent drive wheels. Each motor can power floor travel alone, so battery room operators can keep the fleet moving even if one of the drive wheels requires maintenance or repair. Internal geospacial gyroscopes detect variations from safe, level placement, alerting operators if there’s a risk of the extractor vehicle disengaging from the track.

  • Safety Features

    BHS Operator Aboard Battery Extractors are designed with numerous safety features that provide multiple levels of dependable redundancy. Lift systems provide a high level of safety with eight point equalization and a velocity fuse, which freezes the lift cylinders if a hydraulic hose is damaged.

    Password-protected operator login ensures that only trained and authorized users have access to the equipment. Condition-based and predictive maintenance keeps all systems in optimal condition for safer operation, while also reducing downtime considerably. Managers can shut down machines remotely through the mobile portal, allowing them to prevent unsafe use on receipt of email notifications for out-of-spec systems.

    The substantial list of options includes an Overhead Guard and an Operator Shield for maximum operator protection. Other options include blue lights, strobe lights, horns, and alarms to warn pedestrians of the BE’s movements. A Safety Scanner can automatically stop the BE’s movements when it senses someone in the travel path.

    BHS Battery Extractors are built for reliable, long-lasting service, with the low maintenance requirements provided by system condition monitoring. Heavy duty steel construction with an acid- and scratch-resistant powder coating makes these powerful battery handling devices suitable for the toughest of environments, and only seven zerk fittings provide access for stress-free lubrication.

With the right forklift battery changer, your operation can see improved efficiency, dependable safety, and better productivity overall. BHS Operator Aboard Battery Extractors can be customized for virtually any type of facility, and our sales team is ready to help you choose appropriate options. Call us today at 1.800.BHS.9500 for more information or to find a dealer near you.

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