Tilt Tables

Tilt Tables prevent worker strain and fatigue by moving loads to an ergonomic height with the push of a button. When staff must repeatedly bend, reach, and lift, work slows down and injuries increase. Appropriately positioning work increases efficiency and prevents straining.

Tilt Tables make this task easy. BHS offers stationary units as well as Powered Mobile Tilt Tables. To learn more about these ergonomic solutions, download a spec sheet below or contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

Choosing the Right Tilt Table for Your Warehouse

Tilt Tables offer a range of benefits to warehouse staff, so choosing the correct model is important. If your needs are varied and distributed around the warehouse, the Powered Mobile Tilt Table may offer the adaptability you require.

This model’s two casters and angled push bars provide effortless maneuverability, so you can easily position your Tilt Table wherever it’s needed. Powered Mobile Tilt Tables are available with 2,000- or 4,000-pound load capacities. The tabletops tilt to a full 90 degrees, preventing risky movements for warehouse staff.

Warehouses that require a permanent work station should opt for a standard Tilt Table. This model is available with load capacities of 2,000, 4,000, or 6,000 pounds. The stationary table tilts to 45 degrees, raising loads up to 40 inches.

Both the stationary and mobile units are built with heavy-duty, steel-formed construction. A full powder-coat finish improves durability, and the yellow tilt top increases visibility. BHS Tilt Tables enclose all hydraulic components within the table’s frame, maximizing floor space, safety, and durability.

Using BHS Tilt Tables to Improve Workflow

Tilt Tables are a vital part of any warehouse ergonomics program. If warehouse staff are completing daily tasks that cause strain and fatigue because of improper workload height, Tilt Tables provide a solution. Whether the task is order packing, product assembly, or machine feeding, these dedicated work positioners drastically improve warehouse efficiency.

In addition to the obvious human cost, injuries and fatigue can get expensive. Minor, nagging injuries slow down staff; major injuries can lead to reduced staffing levels and costly workers’ compensation claims. Investing in ergonomic equipment like BHS Tilt Tables keeps all staff healthy and productive. That means managers spend less time training temporary workers and more time focusing on improvement.

Learn More About BHS Tilt Tables

For more information on these products, download the product PDFs above or call our sales staff at 1.800.BHS.9500. We can help weigh the benefits of different models or suggest a better product for your needs. Choose BHS material handling equipment to achieve better ergonomics and greater productivity today.

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