Reel Rack Parts

Convert standard pallet racking into dedicated cable reel racks—no matter what sort of reels and axles you use. BHS offers a full range of Reel Rack Parts to help you construct the ideal reel support system, whether you’re storing (and paying out) electrical cable, wire, rope, chain, or any other coilable material. 

Start with the BHS Axle Holding Kit, which includes two axle brackets that bolt directly to existing rack uprights. Most reel rack brackets are steel—and so are the axles. That creates metal-on-metal friction that sounds unpleasant and weakens components over time. The BHS Axle Holding Kit is different. All points of contact between reel axles and brackets are lined with durable UHMW plastic for smooth, quiet payout that won’t damage axle ends. 

Then choose Wall Axle Tubes that fit the arbor holes in your reels. We offer a variety of sizes to match most common reel dimensions. And if you already have reel axles that don’t fit into your reel storage or handling systems, choose from our selection of Shaft Adapter Kits. These axle caps connect various bore sizes to shaft sizes, including hubs, to integrate any combination of axles, reel handling equipment, and reel storage systems.      

More Solutions for Storing, Handling, and Filling Cable Reels

You may not need shaft adapters when you choose universal reel handling equipment, like Parallel Reel Payouts and Spool Winding Trolleys. Parallel Reel Payouts combine steel reels in a variety of configurations with an A-frame base to provide storage, transportation, and payout for heavy-duty cable reels all at once. 

The Spool Winding Trolley fills cable reels on Parallel Reel Payouts, Dyna Reel Platforms, or jack stands with an overhead rim drive. That means there’s no need to remove reels from stands to fill them. Simply position the Spool Winding Trolley over the stand and quickly complete cut-to-length cable orders and more. And thanks to the Industrial Internet of Things, you can even automate order management and inventory tracking with IIoT models.  

To discuss your rack-to-reel-rack conversion—or improving an electrical material handling system from the ground up—contact the BHS Sales Team at 1.800.247.9500 today.    

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