Cable Management

Well-organized battery charger cables increase worker productivity, prevent wear and tear on equipment, and help to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations. A good cable management strategy will provide an impressive return on a relatively small investment.

Use BHS Cable Retractors in tandem with the Cable Retractor Mounting Bracket to keep your battery room tidy, efficient, and safe. Call 1.800.BHS.9500 to talk to our sales staff or to find a dealer near you.

The Dangers of Careless Cable Management

Poor cable management leads to cascading negative effects in battery rooms. The most obvious downside of messy cable management is an increase in wear and tear on the cables. Bending, pinching, and kinking all increase when cables are used without a retractor. These actions lead to damaged electrical cabling which warehouses must replace regularly.

Damaged cables aren’t just costly to replace; they’re also dangerous. Exposed cables can seriously injure staff due to electric shock. Haphazardly arranged cables also increase tripping and snagging risks.

Because of the possibility of staff injury, OSHA regulations could apply to how you protect your charging apparatus and cables. Keeping cables organized and in good condition will keep you in line with these federal regulations.

Poorly managed cables reduce productivity. Coiling, sorting, and explaining complex cable management to new workers all take time away from staff's key assignments. Improve efficiency in your battery room with simple cable management equipment. Cable Retractors allow easy access to cables when you need them while keeping them safely out of the way when you don’t.

Integrating Cable Management Equipment Into Your Battery Room

BHS offers various Cable Retractors and options for mounting them into existing battery rooms. The CR-1 comes with a threaded stud and matching nut, which allow you to mount the Retractor onto a BHS Charger or Battery Stand. The Cable Retractor Mounting Bracket offers even more versatility in the placement of the Cable Retractor on the stand.

The Heavy Duty Cable Retractor mounts to BHS Battery Stands, Charger Stands, or Charger Wall Brackets through two mounting holes. The BHS Magnetic Cable Mount holds up to two battery cables and mounts to any flat, ferrous metallic surface, such as a Charger Stand or Charger Wall Bracket.

Learn More About BHS Cable Management Equipment

BHS cable management products offer myriad solutions to keep your battery room safe, efficient, and tidy. Call us at 1.800.BHS.9500 to discuss potential solutions for your cable management needs.

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