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Structural Barriers, Bollards, Safety Equipment

BHS Structural Barriers are highly visible safety essentials used to prevent unwanted vehicle and pedestrian access and to protect people, walkways, buildings, and equipment against harm or damage.

Structural Barrier Rails

Structural Barrier Rails (SBR)

Heavy-duty, configurable safety rails prevent access to restricted areas.

Protective Rails

Protective Rail (PR)

Creates a safety barrier with very high impact resistance.

Structural Bollard

Structural Bollards (SB)

Available in three heights with an OSHA-yellow powder-coat finish.

Custom Bollards

Custom Bollards (CB-NS)

Bollards manufactured to your required dimensions and weights.

Use BHS Structural Barriers to Comply With Regulations

Structural Barriers from BHS help bring facilities into compliance with important safety regulations. OSHA requires that guardrails be used for fall protection and to protect battery charging apparatus from lift truck collisions. BHS Barrier Rails come in a variety of lengths and either an 18-inch or 42-inch height, depending on the application.

Bollards Protect Warehouse Equipment From Lift Truck Collisions

A well-placed bollard can save big money by preventing damage from lift truck collisions. Using BHS Structural Bollards at the ends of aisles protects both the shelves and the product they store from collisions. It also protects the lift truck driver from the shelving collapse that a collision might cause.

Bollards and other Structural Barriers can also be used in the battery room to protect expensive equipment. OSHA mandates that charging equipment be protected from collisions and BHS safety equipment was designed for this very purpose. This simple precaution ensures that your battery room continues running as smoothly as possible.

Learn More About BHS Barrier Rails and Structural Bollards

For an in-depth look at any of these products, download a detailed PDF from the product page. Our sales staff is standing by to discuss the benefits and possible customizations of BHS Barrier Rails and Structural Bollards. Call us at +1 314 423 2075 to learn more, or download our product literature here.