SPC Stock Picking Carts

Stock Picking Carts


Stock Picking Carts (SPC) are ideal for all order-picking and stock putaway tasks in warehousing, retail, and industrial applications. They include an integrated step ladder for access to higher levels, with multiple safety features, including locking casters, floor brakes, and cutouts in the steps for enhanced traction.

Three lipped shelves support heavy loads for high-capacity picking. Carts roll easily on two fixed and two swiveling casters that improve maneuverability, while the slim frame allows access to narrow aisles. These units are constructed of steel and powder-coated for durability, resistance to damage, and long service lives. Heavy-duty construction also makes the SPC suitable for use with heavy components in manufacturing and other industrial operations.

Ergonomically curved push handles with comfortable grips reduce the risk of injury for users. Custom models are also available to meet any specifications. To learn more about Stock Picking Carts and other material handling equipment from BHS, call the sales team at +1 314 423 2075.

  • Improves order picking and stock putaway with high load limits
  • Integrated step ladder immobilizes unit when stepped on allowing safe access to higher levels
  • Two locking swivel casters and floor brakes hold unit in place when using the steps
  • Steel steps feature grip cutouts for enhanced traction
  • Ergonomically curved push handles with comfortable molded grips
  • Three high-capacity shelves with lips to secure items
  • Durable steel construction
  • Rugged powder-coat finish protects the unit from scratches, rust, and chemicals
  • Two swivel and two rigid casters for precise maneuverability
  • Narrow profile allows access through doors and tight aisles
  • Ideal for all material-handling applications, especially in warehousing and retail
  • Custom-built units available
  • SPC-2236
  • SPC-2840
  • SPC-2848