FWP Forklift Work Platform

Forklift Work Platform


The BHS Forklift Work Platform (FWP) securely attaches to a forklift to elevate an individual for overhead maintenance tasks, such as changing light bulbs and conducting inventory. The platform attaches firmly to lift truck forks and a Fork Tine Restraint locks securely.

Other safety features include a 42-inch-high guard railing that keeps workers safely contained on the platform, a 4-inch toe guard to prevent tools from falling, and an expanded-metal mast guard for optimal visibility. Safety harnesses can be attached at multiple points.

The FWP is finished with a “Safety-Yellow” powder coating, allowing staff to easily see it from the ground. The Platform Deck includes an anti-skid surface, while a Hook-and-Chain mast restraint provides another layer of protection. This all-steel attachment complies with or exceeds federal safety regulations for vehicle-mounted elevated platforms.

Download a detailed PDF from the top of this page to see all of the FWP’s features and benefits. Contact our sales team at +1 314 423 2075 to find out more about the FWP or to find a BHS dealer near you.

  • Platform Deck features anti-skid surfacing
  • 42” (1067 mm) high guard railing with a 4” (102 mm) toe kick to contain operator and tools on the platform
  • 84” (2134 mm) high mast guard with expanded metal for optimal visibility
  • Operator gate with latch that can be padlocked (padlock not included)
  • Multiple safety harness attachment points
  • Powder coated “Safety Yellow” for high visibility
  • Hook & Chain mast restraint offers additional safety and can be mounted on left or right side
  • Fork Tine Restraint locks the platform to the forks using an over-sized quick-disconnect hitch pin so the platform is unable to slide off the forks, can be mounted on either left or right side
Casters (FWP-C)
4” poly – (2) locking swivel (2) rigid
Fork Pockets (FWP-LFP)
7×3 forkpockets
Overhead Guard (FWP-OHG)
Optional overhead guard protects user from falling objects
Tool Caddy (FWP-TOOL)
Optional caddy provides easy access to tools for increased efficiency
Lightbulb Caddy (FWP-BULB)
Optional side mount caddy provides easy access to fluorescent lightbulbs
  • FWP-3648 (36” W x 48” D Platform)
  • FWP-4848 (48” W x 48” D Platform)
  • FWP-4872 (48” W x 72” D Platform)
  • FWP-9648 (96” W x 48” D Platform)