KTT-1 Keychain Touch Tool

Keychain Touch Tool


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), many viruses can live on surfaces for hours, if not days. Even with aggressive cleaning protocols in place, some shared surfaces remain contaminated. A small, easy-to-carry door opener/button pusher can help to reduce the risk of exposure in public or the workplace.

This Keychain Touch Tool was designed for no-contact grasping and pulling lever-style door handles. A blunt protrusion at the tip allows users to press buttons of virtually any size without direct contact (e.g., elevator, keypad, and control panel buttons). The Touch Tool’s smooth grasping ring slips comfortably around the forefinger for extra leverage, while a pre-drilled keyring hole makes the KTT-1 an ideal keychain during viral and bacterial outbreaks.

Pure copper construction gives the KTT-1 a natural self-cleaning action. Copper has been shown to eliminate microbial life with prolonged contact, killing some types of bacteria, viruses, and yeasts in under a minute. By providing the entire workforce with Keychain Touch Tools, employers can drastically reduce the risk of pathogenic spread via shared surfaces.

Note: Using the Keychain Touch Tool is a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infectious disease control practices. Users should still follow all current infectious disease control guidelines.

  • Prevents contact with shared surfaces
  • Hook extension grasps and pulls door handles and other shared objects
  • Button-pressing tip is narrow enough for small keypads, but effective on larger, elevator-style buttons as well
  • At just 1 oz (27 g), lightweight for comfortable carrying
  • Pre-drilled for standard keyrings
  • Naturally antimicrobial copper materials
  • Smooth finger ring for easy grasping and operation
  • 3” long, with a 1.25” hook and a thickness of 0.125”
  • Solid copper construction for high pull-weight tolerance
  • Improves employee safety by limiting pathogen spread via surfaces
  • KTT-1