TT-DS Dual Steer Tugger Trailers

Dual Steer Tugger Trailers


Dual Steer Tugger Trailers (TT-DS) offer a balanced combination of ergonomics during manual use and clear tracking as part of a train pulled by a tugger. Only one axle steers, while the other remains fixed, for safe, dependable turns even in longer material-handling trains.

Manufacturers use Tugger Trailer trains to create “milk-run” material handling systems, carrying raw materials from the source point to the use point. There, staff can load trailers with waste materials and send the train back to the source point for a highly efficient full-circle system.

In warehouses, pick trains allow users to take advantage of pick-to-cart strategies that improve ergonomic safety and productivity at once. To learn more about how Dual Steer Tugger Trailers can improve material handling at your facility, call BHS at +1 314 423 2075 today.

  • Reduces order picking time by creating a pick train
  • Safe, efficient material handling for manufacturing and warehousing applications
  • Two fixed and two rigid casters improve tracking fidelity
  • Travels in line behind tuggers for easier navigation
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with high load limits
  • Configurable to support any materials
  • Custom design and fabrication available
  • Durable universal tow bars and hitches
  • Suitable for manual use or hitching to a tugger
  • Heavy-duty casters travel over smooth or rough terrain
  • Compatible with all types of electric tuggers
Fork Pockets (TT-FP)
Fork pockets allow relocating the Tugger Trailer by lift truck to and from a worksite.
  • TT-DS-2852 (Dual Steer, 28” L x 52″ W)
  • TT-DS-3660 (Dual Steer, 36” L x 60″ W)
  • TT-DS-4896 (Dual Steer, 48” L x 96″ W)