TT-CS Center Steer Tugger Trailers

Center Steer Tugger Trailers


Center Steer Tugger Trailers (TT-CS) achieve exceptional maneuverability with a fifth caster in the center of the frame. This wheel is slightly larger than the others, allowing the entire unit to pivot in place. This makes the TT-CS ideal for pulling loads by hand, or in narrow aisles with tight turns.

The TT-CS can also function as part of a logistics train, vastly improving efficiency in order picking applications and raw-material delivery for manufacturers. Like all Tugger Trailers from BHS, the TT-CS features heavy-duty steel construction and a powder coating that’s formulated to resist common sources of equipment damage in industrial applications.

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  • Reduces order picking time by creating a pick train
  • Safe, efficient material handling for manufacturing and warehousing applications
  • Large central wheel provides unmatched maneuverability
  • Suitable for use by hand or with a tugger
  • Travels in line behind tuggers for easier navigation
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with high load limits
  • Configurable to support any materials
  • Custom design and fabrication available
  • Durable universal tow bars and hitches
  • Suitable for manual use or hitching to a tugger
  • Heavy-duty casters travel over smooth or rough terrain
  • Compatible with all types of electric tuggers
Fork Pockets (TT-FP)
Fork pockets allow relocating the Tugger Trailer by lift truck to and from a worksite.
  • TT-CS-2666 (Center Steer, 26” L x 66″ W)
  • TT-CS-3660 (Center Steer, 36” L x 60″ W)
  • TT-CS-3672 (Center Steer, 36” L x 72″ W)
  • TT-CS-5050 (Center Steer, 50” L x 50″ W)
  • TT-CS-4896 (Center Steer, 48” L x 96″ W)