PTT-6 Propane Tugger Trailer

Propane Tugger Trailer


The BHS Propane Tugger Trailer improves ergonomics and productivity for facilities that use LP forklifts. This unit combines a six-tank propane cart with a hydraulic-lift crane to simplify LP tank changes.

The PTT-6 carries six 8-gallon LP tanks, empty or full, allowing users to refuel multiple lift trucks on a single run. The integrated crane lifts a full tank, swiveling and traveling vertically to place it gently onto the truck’s locating pin. A hand pump raises the crane’s lifting beam, while a release lever causes a controlled descent.

Four horizontal tank beds give the cart a low profile; the top two swivel open for access to tanks located below. Two vertical tank wells are positioned close to the ground to limit lifting even when handling lighter empty tanks. A combination of swivel and rigid casters provides smooth travel and strong maneuverability.

Liquid propane tanks store contents under pressure, at dangerously cold temperatures, and can injure standersby if ruptured; the PTT-6 improves safety during all tank-handling tasks.

Custom models are available on request. Call the BHS sales team at +1 314 423 2075to discuss the options.

  • Improves safety during LP tank change-out
  • Provides ergonomic handling for 8-gallon LP tanks
  • Stores six 33-lb propane tanks at a time
  • Center steer design utilizes two rigid and four swivel casters for exceptional maneuverability
  • Universal tow bar is compatible with all types of electric tuggers
  • 250 lb capacity lifting arm rotates 360° to transfer full tanks with ease
  • A hand pump powers the hydraulic lifting arm and a release lever controls descent
  • Locking pins secure two upper cradles that independently swing outwards, providing access to the lower shelf
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Chemical-, impact-, and scratch-resistant powder-coat finish
  • PTT-6