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PCP Pallet Carousel & Skid Positioner

Pallet Carousel & Skid Positioner


The BHS Pallet Carousel & Skid Positioner (PCP) makes loading and unloading pallets and skids safe, simple,
and quick. The PCP is available in either a pneumatic airbag-actuated model or a spring-actuated model, both
providing an ergonomic solution for palletizing. The PCP reduces the amount of operator bending and reaching
required during loading or unloading because it automatically raises and lowers as weight is added or removed
from a pallet or skid.

The Pallet Carousel & Skid Positioner’s turntable rotates a full 360°, requiring less worker movement while
increasing efficiency. The turntable top is equipped with easy turning, anti-friction bearings allowing users
to spin loads, eliminating the need for walking around it. Load and unload pallets without bending, reaching,
walking, or stooping. The self-leveling PCP automatically positions pallets at a comfortable working height as
layers of product are added or removed.

  • Automatically positions loads between 10.5” and 27.75” (267 mm and 705 mm)
  • Small base allows workers to stand up close to the unit for better ergonomics
  • Full 360° tabletop rotation eliminates need to reach across tabletop
  • Stable design eliminates need to anchor the unit to the floor
  • 43.625” (1108 mm) diameter rotating platform
  • 4,500 lb (2041 kg) maximum capacity
  • 400 lb (181 kg) minimum capacity for self-leveling operation
  • Custom platforms available
  • Sealed ball bearings for easy rotating
  • Dampener provides smooth, gradual raising and lowering without bounce
  • Built in two-way fork pockets conveniently allow transport of unit to workspace
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Pressure relief valve*
  • Requires no electrical power and can be disconnected from shop air or compressor once airbag is inflated*
  • 7-ply reinforced rubber airbag*
  • Three heavy-duty springs automatically adjust pallet height**
  • Completely automatic, requiring no power or air supply for operation**

* Pneumatic Airbag Self-Leveling (PCP-P) unit only
** Spring Operated Self-Leveling (PCP-S) unit only

Accordion Skirt Guard (PCP-ASG)
Encloses underside of lift table, protecting the lift mechanism from dirt and debris.
Casters (PCP-C)
6” (152 mm) corrosion resistant urethane casters for mobility (2 locking swivel casters and 2 non-locking, swivel casters). Adds 7.5” to all heights on standard fork pocket model.
Threaded Rod Feet (PCP-TRF)
Four adjustable threaded rod feet can be independently adjusted to maintain levelness on uneven or damaged floors.
Solid Steel Carousel (PCP-SC)
Our circular steel tabletop is ideal for use with damaged or oddly sized or shaped pallets or skids and replaces the open turntable.
Solid Stainless Steel Carousel (PCP-SSC)
This circular stainless steel tabletop is perfect for hygienic applications. Ideal for use with damaged or oddly sized or shaped pallets or skids and replaces the open turntable.
Square Solid Steel Tabletop: Pallet Tabletop (PCP-4548)
Solid steel rectangular tabletop matches standard pallet dimensions. Replaces open turntable; ideal for wood and plastic pallets.
  • PCP-P (Pneumatic Airbag-Operated Self-Leveling)
  • PCP-S (Spring-Operated Self-Leveling)