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HVC-DB High Value Cart Dropbox

High Value Cart Dropbox


The BHS High Value Cart Dropbox (HVC-DB) is a dependable steel container for sensitive materials and valuables. A durable powder-coat finish prevents rust and corrosion, making these units ideal for outdoor use or in industrial applications. The narrow drop window is designed to admit items and keep out unauthorized hands.

Rental car companies use these units to collect keys after hours; document destruction services use them to collect confidential paperwork for later retrieval. They can also be used to protect cash, jewelry, and other valuables at home or in the workplace.

Like all BHS products, High Value Cart Dropboxes are constructed to withstand harsh environments, such as those found in some manufacturing and material handling operations. This rugged design ensures security for all valuable documents or items in every industry. If you need to control access to legally protected documents or high-price items, the High Value Dropbox from BHS is the right choice for the job.

In addition to the floor-model HVC-DB, BHS can custom-design and manufacture a secure steel enclosure for any space or application. To discuss the options, or to find your nearest dealer of BHS products, call +1 314 423 2075 .

  • Dependable steel lockbox provides reliable security
  • For use with all sensitive materials, including rental car keys, mail, bank deposits, secure documents, and storage for cash and jewelry
  • Welded steel construction prevents unauthorized access to contents
  • Powder-coat finish resists abrasion, rust, and chemical corrosion
  • Built to withstand the harshest industrial environments
  • Custom configurations available to meet any application
Windowless Option (HVC-DB-NW)
Windowless door to further protect sensitive product or information
  • HVC-2618-DB
  • HVC-3224-DB