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HVC-DD High Value Cart - Dual Entry

High Value Cart - Dual Entry


Two-way access makes the Dual Entry High Value Cart (HVC-DD) a particularly flexible solution for secure storage. These heavy-duty security carts hold, protect, and transport valuable assets such as tools, supplies, cable, and wire. Like other BHS High Value Carts, the HVC-DD safeguards these contents with expanded steel doors, complete with padlock hasps and strike protectors.

But while most HVC models open in only one direction, the HVC-DD includes two sets of double doors. This allows users to reach contents from either side. All four triple-hinged doors swing 180 degrees, leaving shelves open to any angle of approach. These features make the HVC-DD ideal for narrow aisles, small rooms, and access to items from two sides at once.

This mobile storage locker rolls smoothly on 6-inch phenolic casters, two of which swivel for tighter turns and straighter tracking. A non-skid floor lock ensures stability during use. The HVC-DD is also compatible with heavy material handling equipment, with fork pockets for transport via lift truck and four-point lifting eyes for cranes.

Three steel shelves are adjustable to fit any use case, with custom modifications (more or fewer shelves, fixed-height shelving, cable reel racking) available on request. The HVC-DD’s steel frame is finished with a durable, acid-resistant powder coating, ensuring reliable service for decades to come. To learn more about the HVC-DD and other Industrial Storage Solutions from BHS, contact our sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

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  • Secure storage and transportation in one
  • Opens on two sides for convenient access, even in narrow spaces
  • Heavy duty capacity for industrial, construction, and manufacturing applications
  • Expanded steel doors with a durable, chemical-resistant powder coating
  • Fits through doorways and narrow aisles
  • Includes three adjustable steel shelves
  • Powerful floor lock prevents unwanted movement
  • Comes standard with engravable 3” x 5” asset tag
  • Optional Cable Payout package provides secure handling for cable and wire
  • Custom models available to meet any specification
Cable Payout (HVC-DD-CP)
Replace 1 shelf with (2) Brackets and 2” Shaft for Cable Payout.
  • HVC-2348-52-DD (28″ D x 48″ W x 60″ H, 5,000 lb Capacity)
  • HVC-2348-62-DD (28″ D x 48″ W x 70″ H, 5,000 lb Capacity)