SWT Spool Winding Trolley

Spool Winding Trolley


Respool reels without removing them from jack stands.

The BHS Spool Winding Trolley (SWT) saves time and labor in cut-to-length wire distribution applications. Position the unit over a BHS Parallel Reel Payout (PRP), Dyna Reel Platform (DRP), or existing jack stands; an overhead rim drive spins take-up reels of virtually any size to fill them efficiently and safely.

Most spooling and reeling machines (such as the standard Reel-O-Matic or a Wemco take-up)* require users to remove reels from jack stands for respooling. In contrast, the SWT’s design enables respooling on a wide variety of reel configurations without removing them from stands. Fill cable, wire, and flexible materials directly onto delivery reels without laborious extra steps.

The SWT pays off cables to one or more compartment reels, counting linear footage that passes through a knurled aluminum encoder wheel. Each revolution pays out 1 foot of cable, ensuring accurate counts, exactly to spec from BIM data; this eliminates waste on every order.

The SWT is also available as an IIoT-enabled model, the SWT-IIoT. Learn more about this fully wired, data-fueled spool winder here.

All models of SWT allow electricians and electrical suppliers to respool reels with multiple conductors in a fraction of the time, reducing ergonomic hazards and providing a dependable ROI. Call our Sales Team at +1 314 423 2075 to learn more about the Spool Winding Trolley and other cut-to-length wire distribution innovations from BHS, Inc.

*BHS is not affiliated with Reel-O-Matic, and Reel-O-Matic does not endorse or sponsor BHS or BHS products. BHS is not affiliated with Weber Electric Manufacturing Co. (Wemco), and Wemco does not endorse or sponsor BHS or BHS products.

  • Overhead rim drive rotates take-up reels while an encoder wheel accurately counts linear footage, eliminating waste
  • Pay out multiple cables to multiple compartment reels at once
  • Control slide gives operator full control over coiling for the highest possible yield per compartment reel
  • Adjustable-length overhead rollers accommodate a wide range of reel diameters and configurations
  • Maximum reel width of 48”
  • Ideal for use with any PRP or DRP unit
  • Counter 1:1 ratio – one revolution = 1 linear foot of cable
  • Counter is angled toward operator for ease of use and is also reversible and resettable
  • Dual, 6” diameter, urethane-coated rollers create secure contact with various spool and reel types
  • Hydraulic-actuated roller arms for powered positioning
  • Direct-coupled hydraulic drive motor for reliable performance
  • 480V ac / 3ph, 3hp power unit. Other voltages available
  • Low-speed for precise control when beginning and finishing spooling
  • High-speed to minimize total spooling time
  • Single phase models come equipped with a 2 button wired control while three phase models feature wireless controls
Mechanical Cable Counter (SWT-MC)
Analog style cable counter requires no power and counts every foot of cable payed out.
Digital Cable Counter (SWT-DC)
Digital cable counter works much like the mechanical option, but includes added functionality such as selecting different units of measurement and quick resets.
2 LED Lights (SWT-LED)
Shine some light on it by adding one LED light to each end of the SWT.
Additional Rollers (SWT-RLR)
Add 2 rollers for simplified, stable pulling from high spools.
Cable Clamp (SWT-LTR)
Clamp finished jobs for easy cutting by adding cable clamps to the front of your SWT unit.
Overhead Tool Mount (SWT-OTM)
Boost ergonomics and operator safety with an overhead tool mount. Adds one overhead mount rails on each side of unit.
Overhead Tool Mount (SWT-OTM)
Boost ergonomics and operator safety with an overhead tool mount. Adds one overhead mount rails on each side of unit.
Gathering Box (SWT-GB)
Safely collect paid out product in an adjustable, integrated container.
Shrink Wrap (SWT-SW)
Wrap cut to length jobs on the fly with a Strech Wrap Holder, mounted directly above the counter.
  • SWT-120-1 (120V/1ph power unit)
  • SWT-220-1(220V/1ph power unit)
  • SWT-208/240-3(208-240V/3ph power unit)
  • SWT-480-3 (480V/3ph power unit)