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SWT-IIoT  Spool Winding Trolley - Industrial Internet of Things

Spool Winding Trolley - Industrial Internet of Things


Leverage the power of big data to improve your cut-to-length cable distribution infrastructure. The IIoT Spool Winding Trolley is a stand-alone payout engine that ships fully wired, complete with its own software package and ready for integration into a broader IIoT ecosystem.

Like the standard SWT, this Internet-of-Things-enabled model rolls over existing jack stands, allowing smooth, labor-saving payout without moving reels. A range of custom options allows users to customize their unit for any set of tasks, including clamping cable, wrapping cut-to-length orders, and mounting additional tools on the frame itself.

The Industrial Internet of Things and Cut-to-Length Wire Distribution

Digital components of the SWT-IIoT allow users to track inventory while filling orders. Managers log into a specialized dashboard to pre-program jobs, assigning them to specific workstations. Operators can call up these orders on an integrated touchscreen. The system tracks productivity and inventory changes for powerful, efficiency-boosting reports.

The SWT-IIoT is a crucial feature of any Industry 4.0 order fulfillment system, allowing orders to pass instantly from the customer’s system to the payout floor. In this era of just-in-time fulfillment, the Industrial Internet of Things is indispensable.

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  • All SWT-IIoT units ship with a free 6-month subscription to digital support systems, including the manager dashboard, touchscreen operator interface, alerts, productivity reporting, IIoT-integrated cable counter, and more; longer subscriptions available.
  • Overhead rim drive rotates take-up reels while buyer’s choice of digital or mechanical counter tracks linear footage, eliminating waste
  • IIoT functionality provides condition-based and predictive maintenance, authorized log-in access only, digital productivity tracking, inventory counting, remote pre-programming for jobs, usage statistics, and more
  • Pay out multiple cables to multiple compartment reels at once
  • Control slide gives operator full control over coiling for the highest possible yield per compartment reel
  • Adjustable-length overhead rollers accommodate a wide range of reel diameters and configurations
  • Maximum reel width of 48”
  • Ideal for use with any PRP or DRP unit
  • Counter 1:1 ratio – one revolution = 1 linear foot of cable
  • Mechanical counter is angled toward operator for ease of use and is also reversible and resettable
  • Digital counter allows users to set different units of measurement and reset instantly
  • Dual, 6” diameter, urethane-coated rollers create secure contact with various spool and reel types
  • Hydraulic-actuated roller arms for powered positioning
  • Direct-coupled hydraulic drive motor for reliable performance
  • Choose 208/240V, 3ph power unit OR
  • 480V ac/3ph, 3hp power unit
  • Low-speed for precise control when beginning and finishing spooling
  • High-speed to minimize total spooling time
  • Wireless push-button spooling controls allow complete control of spooling process
2 LED Lights (SWT-LED)
Illuminate work area by adding one LED light to each end of the SWT.
Additional Rollers (SWT-RLR)
Add 2 rollers for simplified, stable pulling from high spools.
Cable Clamp (SWT-LTR)
Clamp finished jobs for easy cutting by adding cable clamps to the front of your SWT unit.
Overhead Tool Mount (SWT-OTM)
Boost ergonomics and operator safety with an overhead tool mount. Adds one overhead mount rails on each side of unit.
Gathering Box (SWT-GB)
Safely collect paid out product in an adjustable, integrated container.
Shrink Wrap (SWT-SW)
Wrap cut to length jobs on the fly with a Stretch Wrap Holder, mounted directly above the counter.
  • SWT-208/240-3-IIOT (208-240V/3ph power unit)
  • SWT-480-3-IIOT (480V/3ph power unit)