PRW Parallel Reel Payout Wagon

Parallel Reel Payout Wagon


The Parallel Reel Payout Wagon (PRW) transports high-volume cable reels with or without additional material handling equipment. An ergonomic pivoting handle allows users to maneuver the unit around tight corners manually, while two-way fork pockets provide portability via lift truck. Either way, a reliable locking pin keeps the shaft safely motionless during travel. Heavy-duty casters move easily through narrow aisles, and an integrated floor lock keeps the unit stable during cable pulls.

This unit features a slim profile to fit easily through 34-inch door openings, but it is sized to carry up to 5,000 pounds of product. All-steel construction and a protective powder-coat finish provide a lifetime of service. The PRW-6032 is available with virtually any combination of reels to meet specific applications, from custom paralleling to long-term storage. Free-spinning and fixed-compartment reels allow users to customize the unit to match distinct cable-pulling requirements.

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  • Heavy-duty steel construction for added reliability
  • Two-way fork pocket design
  • 2” (51 mm) solid steel center shaft
  • Shaft safety locks equipped with locking pin
  • Free-spinning compartments provide an even payout
  • 0.75”, 1”, and 2.5” (19 mm, 25 mm, and 64 mm) arbor holes for a variety of wire gauges
  • 0.75” (19 mm) UHMW alignment strips for center shaft prevent wear of components
  • Includes pivoting handle and vertical locking pin
  • Fits through a 34” (864 mm) door opening
  • 4 Casters included, (2) swivel with brake and (2) rigid poly
Floor Lock (PRP-FL)
Locking floor brake prevents unwanted movement of the unit
Pull Brake Clamp (PRP-PB-C)
One drop-down self-leveling steel arm capped with neoprene pad. Order four per PRP unit for maximum stability during cable payout.
Additional Ground Reel (PRP-AUX)
Auxiliary reel attachment to add a single spinning reel
  • PRW-6032-1 (One Single Reel and One 4-Position Reel)
  • PRW-6032-2 (Two Single Reels and One 3-Position Reel)
  • PRW-6032-3 (Three Single Reels and One 2-Position Reel)
  • PRW-6032-4 (Four Single Reels)
  • PRW-6032-4-1 (One Single Reel and One Wide Single Reel)
  • PRW-6032-5 (Five Single Reels)