DRP Dyna Reel Platform

Dyna Reel Platform


Dyna Reel reel roller platforms (DRP) offer compact storage, payout, and spooling for cable reels. Steel rollers in a low-built base provide smooth rotation for reels, allowing users to add or remove cable as needed. The rear roller adjusts to accommodate reels of virtually any size.

The Dyna Reel is an ideal resource for electrical and data-cable suppliers, construction electricians, and wire/cable distribution centers. The unit’s footprint barely exceeds that of cable reels themselves. Along with a Spool Winding Trolley or a Spooling Caddy, the DRP provides a turnkey solution for loading cable reels.

An optional Tie Down Kit firmly secures reel axles to the base. This provides an added layer of safety for payout applications with significant resistance. Regardless of the load, a full complement of ball transfers, steel rollers, and heavy-duty hex shafts contribute to smooth operation for filling reels or paying out cable.

To learn more about Dyna Reel roller platforms, Parallel Reel Payouts, and other reel-handling solutions from BHS, call our sales team at +1 314 423 2075.

  • Safe, efficient payout and cable-spooling for industrial-scale cable reels
  • Steel plate loading ramp simplifies access
  • Steel roller usable width of 36 ⅝”
  • Compact footprint of 46” x 32”
  • Secure, stationary storage and handling for cable reels
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for enhanced durability
  • Powder-coat finish resists scratches, abrasion, chemicals, and acids
  • Base design avoids contact with cable, preventing damage to resources
  • Compatible with Spool Winding Trolleys and Spooling Caddies for full-service cable handling
  • Max capacity is 5,000 lb
Tie Down Kit (DRP-TDK)
Includes 2 reel-axle bearing assemblies with 2 eye bolts each, 4 base-mounted eye bolts, and 4 ratchet straps to prevent reel movement against resistance during payout
  • DRP