CSC Cylinder Storage Cage

Cylinder Storage Cage


The Cylinder Storage Cage (CSC) is a heavy-duty formed and welded cage used to securely store and transport industrial cylinders, like oxygen or acetylene. The walls and door are comprised of laser-slotted metal to provide security, visibility of contents, as well as natural ventilation. The CSC can be transported by forklift. The door hinges are welded for strength and the door can be locked to prevent unauthorized access.

  • Hinged ramp on front of unit for loading/unloading flips up and pin-secures when not in use
  • Welded-in strapping system allows for easy adjustments when securing cylinders
  • Heavy-duty welded steel cage used for storage and transport of industrial cylinders
  • Two-way fork pockets and lifting eyes aid in relocation of unit
  • Integral handle and locking system
  • Drain hole on inside platform
  • CSC-6 (Holds Six 9.5″ diameter cylinders)
  • CSC-9 (Holds Nine 9.5″ diameter cylinders)
  • CSC-12 (Holds Twelve 9.5″ diameter cylinders)
  • CSC-20 (Holds Twenty 9.5″ diameter cylinders)
  • CSC-20-FW (Holds Ten 9.5” diameter high-pressure & Six 12” diameter fuel-gas cylinders with OSHA-compliant firewall separating compartments)