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Ezi-MT Ezi-MT™ Manual Bin Dumper

Ezi-MT™ Manual Bin Dumper


Designed for low-volume, light-duty applications, the Ezi-MT is perfect for small businesses, schools, cafes, and offices. The economically priced Ezi-MT™ Manual Bin Dumper takes the strain out of emptying bins, making this task safe and easy. A unique lift-and-tip action keeps bin weight within the footprint for greater stability.

A heavy-duty winch allows up to 143 pounds (65 kilograms) to be easily dumped without risk of strain or injury to staff. The lack of electrical and hydraulic parts means less service and upkeep costs. The Ezi-MT protects your staff at a minimal investment.

Virtually anyone can easily maneuver the Ezi-MT with its four durable casters, making this Bin Dumper even more versatile. The Ezi-MT suits 32- to 96-gallon (120- to 360-Liter) bins with no adjustment.

Contact our sales team at +1 314 423 2075 to learn more about the Ezi-MT and other bin-dumping products. To read more about this innovative and ergonomic equipment, download the PDF above.

  • Suits popular bin sizes from 32 gal to 96 gal (120 L to 363 L), with no adjustment
  • 143 lb (65 kg) load capacity
  • 59” (1.5 mm) maximum tipping height
  • Duty Cycle: 10 x 100 lb (45 kg) carts per day per operator
  • Heavy duty manual winch operated
  • Weight of bin stays within machine footprint throughout dumping cycle to ensure stability
  • No electrical or hydraulic components to service
  • Comes in knocked down kit form, substantially minimizing freight costs and emissions due to transportation
  • Rugged steel construction, powder-coated frame, and zinc-plated cradle and guards
  • Environmentally friendly, using 50% less steel than competing products, generates no electronic waste, and is completely recyclable
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • 4” (100 mm) casters, two with brakes
Custom Designs
Contact us with your specific requirements.
Safety Standards
Bin dumpers can be specified to meet international standards and/or CE regulations for an additional cost, depending on environment, application, and other factors.
Stainless-Steel Construction
Bin dumpers are available either partially or completely constructed from high-grade 304 stainless-steel, suitable for hygiene-critical or corrosive environments such as food production or chemical processing. Corrosion-resistant lifting chains and fittings are also available.
  • Ezi-MT1500 (Manual Bin Dumper with 1.5 m tipping height)