BHS Bin Dumpers

Bin Dumpers are a safe and durable solution for unloading bins quickly and easily without physical strain. Bin Dumpers are cost-effective, lightweight, and easy to move. Choose from a variety of models with various tipping heights, capacities, and power options.

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Ezi-MT™ Manual Bin Dumper (Ezi-MT)

Easily lift and tip up to 143 pounds with a minimal investment.

Multi-Tip™ Bin Dumper (MT)

Ergonomically and economically empties 330 pounds in just 20 seconds.

Dumpmaster™ Bin Dumper (DMA)

Safely and efficiently empty bins and drums weighing up to 660 pounds.

Dockmaster™ Bin Dumper (DM)

Safely tip 550 pound wheeled bins from a raised loading dock.

MegaDumper™ Bin Dumper (MD)

Industrial solution for emptying loads weighing up to 1,300 pounds.

Forward Bin Dumper (FBT)

Convert an existing forklift into a portable bin dumper.

Tilt Cart Dumper (TCD-1)

Remove hazards while speeding up cart-dumping for greater operational efficiency.

Introducing the BHS Family of Bin Dumpers

BHS Bin Dumpers provide a complete material handling solution for most high-capacity containers, including drums and storage bins of all shapes and sizes. If your industry requires lifting and emptying loads, BHS offers a Bin Dumper to make these tasks safer and more efficient. Three industrial-strength options provide enhanced lifting power in various applications.

The Ezi-MT™ Manual Bin Dumper (Ezi-MT) is a robust model for standard-capacity lifting, with a safe weight limit of over 143 pounds (65 kg). Most common bin sizes lock into this powerful lifter without any additional adjustment. Operators simply rotate a low-resistance winch for lifting, dumping and cradle-lowering tasks.

For heavier loads or more frequent dumping needs, the Multi-Tip™ Bin Dumper (MT) is a hydraulic-powered lifting machine with a heavy-duty capacity, easily handling loads of up to 330 pounds (150 kg). With a standard dumping height of over five feet (1.6m), this model easily clears typical dumpster lids and other obstacles. Custom cradles are available to accommodate nearly any size or configuration of drum or storage bin, making the Multi-Tip one of the most versatile Bin Dumpers available.

The Dumpmaster™ Bin Dumper (DM) from BHS lifts and tips the heaviest loads. With a standard lifting capacity of more than 660 pounds (300 kg), this durable steel model is well-suited for industrial settings. It is available with corrosion-resistant lifting chains, and optional reinforcement can raise the weight limit to over 660 pounds (300 kg). Dumpmasters can be built with dumping heights over 23 feet (7m).

Improving Safety and Ergonomics with BHS Bin Dumpers

The manual lifting of heavy loads is a leading cause of workplace injury, and the dangers are compounded by the transfer of weight involved in emptying a bin or drum. Bin Dumpers prevent the risk of musculoskeletal injury involved in emptying tasks.

Bin Dumpers provide clear ergonomic benefits for every lifting operation, and BHS models are available with a wide range of safety features including:

  • Unique lift-and-tip motion balances weight transfer for ultimate stability.
  • Guard cages or PET-G panels protect workers from splash during lifting and dumping operations (DM only).
  • Controlled bin lowering safely returns the cradle to ground level.
  • Durable, powder-coated frame is suitable for any environment. The Dumpmaster frame is fully hot-dip galvanized, which ensures powerful resistance to corrosion.
  • Panels protect workers from accidental contact with the lift track.

A diverse set of optional safety features are available for particular applications. Contact your nearest BHS dealer to discuss the options or email us at [email protected]. For help finding the ideal Bin Dumper for your facility, call the BHS sales team at +1 314 423 2075.