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EBE-SL Single Level Battery Extractors

Single Level Battery Extractors


A Battery Changing Solution for Up to 99 Forklift Batteries

The BHS Single Level Battery Extractor (BE-SL) incorporates two pass-through roller beds and a powerful extractor arm to substantially reduce battery change-out time. For battery rooms that are not ready to install multi-tiered system stands, the BHS BE-SL provides consistently high levels of efficiency, ergonomic gains, and operator safety.

This reliable forklift battery changer is ideal for fleets that use between 1 and 99 batteries. For higher-capacity battery handling needs, consider a Double, Triple, or Quad Stack Battery Extractor System.

BHS Operator Aboard Battery Extractors are highly customizable and can be constructed to meet any application’s unique specifications. To discuss the benefits of a Single Level Battery Extractor, speak with a member of our sales team.

Single Level Forklift Battery Changers for Tough Environments

Like the entire family of BHS Operator Aboard Battery Extractors, the BE-SL features a steel frame with extra-heavy duty construction. Industrial-grade steel components can easily support even the heaviest loads, and the BE-SL boasts a full lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs. In addition to strength and dependability, Single Level Battery Extractors offer some of the fastest battery change-out times in the industry.

Call our sales department at +1 314 423 2075 to learn more or to find a dealer near you.

  • Heavy-duty steel frame handles the toughest applications
  • Low maintenance design reduces preventative maintenance intervals
  • No exposed components for added safety
  • Durable, two-part epoxy finish resists both acid and scratches
  • Manual control of hydraulics for easy operation
  • Vacuum extraction reduces wear and tear on batteries
  • Non-proprietary hydraulic and electrical components lower replacement part costs
  • Lowest power requirements in the industry for economical operation
  • Strobe Light notifies bystanders when machine is in operation
  • Horn is utilized by the operator to alert pedestrians
  • Audible Alarm is activated while machine is in operation to notify pedestrians that the Battery Extractor is in use
  • Overhead Guard protects the operator from falling objects
  • Quiet running dual floor drive system provides positive traction on wet or dry surfaces
  • Operator Shield separates the operator platform from the battery compartment
  • Five hydraulic-powered rollers per compartment provide a brake for safe, easy battery transfer
  • Four equalized lift cylinders, in combination with four-point equalization, assures smooth and level vertical handling of the roller bed – even while it’s fully loaded
  • Roller-lever limit switch disables floor drive to protect equipment when the extraction arm is extended outside the Battery Extractor perimeter
  • Rubber End Stops protect the system and prevent equipment from running off guidance track
  • Single Guide Track provides alignment and guidance of the Battery Extractor
  • Energy Rail System provides power to the Battery Extractor for maximum life with minimum maintenance
  • Lift Truck Staging Rail-102 mm/152 mm provides a means for lift truck alignment during battery change-out and prevents damage to the Battery Extractor

Note: All Operator Aboard Battery Extractor Systems use Single Guide Track, Energy Rail System, Lift Truck Staging Rail, and Rubber End Stops. All sold separately.

Custom Lasered Logo (EBE-LOGO)
Custom logo can be added to the front panel of the Battery Extractor
Extended Reach (EBE-EXTRCH)
Increases the reach of the extractor arm and is ideal for use with forklifts with outriggers (not available with Magnet)
Level Assist Indicator (EBE-LAI)
An LED on the dash of the Battery Extractor alerts operator when proper vertical alignment with stands is achieved
Magnet Extraction (EBE-MAG)
Ideal when batteries are too narrow for vacuum extraction
On-Board Water Cart (EBE-WC)
Allows quick, easy battery maintenance from the Battery Extractor during battery change-out
Power Roller Cut-Out (EBE-PRC-1/-2)
Disengages powered rollers requiring additional input from operator to discharge battery from extractor
Contains all items recommended by factory to keep on hand to minimize downtime due to minor breakdowns that may occur under normal operating conditions
  • EBE-24-2-SL
  • EBE-36-2-SL
  • EBE-42-1-SL
  • EBE-42-2-SL