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EBE-QS Quad Stack Battery Extractors

Quad Stack Battery Extractors


Battery Handling Solutions for Large Forklift Fleets

Quad Stack Battery Extractors (BE-QS) from BHS offer the greatest combination of space-saving design, efficiency, and safety for fleets with more than 300 batteries. With battery change-outs averaging just a few minutes per lift truck, a BE-QS system can improve battery room efficiency significantly, freeing forklifts to complete more material handling tasks.

The advanced BHS lift system incorporates four hydraulic lift cylinders with a four-point equalization system. This combination keeps the battery carriage moving smoothly and evenly, while the exclusive Non-Inter-Flow hydraulic manifold routes power to adjust to the shifting weight of a battery transfer.

Battery beds ensure load stability during travel with five hydraulic-powered rollers supported by six additional idler rollers. The careful spacing of these rollers prevents damage to battery cases and supports the 10,000 pound load capacity that allows the BE-QS to bear the industry’s heaviest batteries safely.

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  • Heavy-duty steel frame handles the toughest applications
  • Low maintenance design reduces preventative maintenance intervals
  • No exposed components for added safety
  • Durable, two-part epoxy finish resists both acid and scratches
  • Manual control of hydraulics for easy operation
  • Vacuum extraction reduces wear and tear on batteries
  • Non-proprietary hydraulic and electrical components lower replacement part costs
  • Lowest power requirements in the industry for economical operation
  • Strobe Light notifies bystanders when machine is in operation
  • Horn is utilized by the operator to alert pedestrians
  • Audible Alarm is activated while machine is in operation to notify pedestrians that the Battery Extractor is in use
  • Power Roller Cut-Out disengages powered rollers requiring additional input from operator to discharge battery from extractor
  • Overhead Guard protects the operator from falling objects
  • Quiet running dual floor drive system provides positive traction on wet or dry surfaces
  • Operator Shield separates the operator platform from the battery compartment
  • Five hydraulic-powered rollers per compartment provide a brake for safe, easy battery transfer
  • Four equalized lift cylinders, in combination with four-point equalization, assures smooth and level vertical handling of the roller bed – even while it’s fully loaded
  • Roller-lever limit switch disables floor drive to protect equipment when the extraction arm is extended outside the Battery Extractor perimeter
  • Escape Ladder on multi-level Battery Extractors provides an easy exit in case machine loses power
  • Lanyard Mount anchoring point welded to overhead guard for connection of operator’s safety harness
  • Rubber End Stops protect the system and prevent equipment from running off guidance track
  • Single Guide Track provides alignment and guidance of the Battery Extractor
  • Energy Rail System provides power to the Battery Extractor for maximum life with minimum maintenance
  • Lift Truck Staging Rail-102 mm/152 mm provides a means for lift truck alignment during battery change-out and prevents damage to the Battery Extractor

Note: All Operator Aboard Battery Extractor Systems use Single Guide Track, Energy Rail System, Lift Truck Staging Rail, and Rubber End Stops. All sold separately.

Custom Lasered Logo (EBE-LOGO)
Custom logo can be added to the front panel of the Battery Extractor
Extended Reach (EBE-EXTRCH)
Increases the reach of the extractor arm and is ideal for use with forklifts with outriggers (not available with Magnet)
Level Assist Indicator (EBE-LAI)
An LED on the dash of the Battery Extractor alerts operator when proper vertical alignment with stands is achieved
Magnet Extraction (EBE-MAG)
Ideal when batteries are too narrow for vacuum extraction
On-Board Water Cart (EBE-WC)
Allows quick, easy battery maintenance from your Battery Extractor during battery change-out
Spare Parts Kit (EBE-SPKV-QS / EBE-SPKM-QS)
Contains all items recommended by factory to keep on hand to minimize downtime due to minor breakdowns that occur under normal operating conditions
  • EBE-24-2-QS
  • EBE-36-2-QS
  • EBE-42-2-QS