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Furniture & Recreation

BHS offers a variety of custom products for use in the home and office.

Home & Office Furniture

Stylish furniture made of gleaming steel and crystal-clear glass.


Outdoor steel signs and animal transporters, among other things.

Custom Steel Manufacturing in America’s Heartland

The BHS headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri features a 138,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, complete with laser guidance, CNC machining, robotic welders, and all the equipment it takes to construct industrial machinery.

All of BHS’ battery handling and warehouse equipment can be customized to fit unique applications. That’s true of everything that comes out of the BHS manufacturing facility, and customers are encouraged to contact BHS with any custom steel creation that they can imagine.

The BHS line of home and office furniture shows the breadth of steel fabrication available from this mid-American manufacturing facility. Soaring steel bookshelves and I-beam constructions create a crisp, industrial look that fits in with any decor. Create a unique look at work or in your home with custom furniture creations from BHS.

We also manufactures outdoor signs for businesses large and small. Layered, cut steel and LED lighting create a fashionable, engaging sign for any company.

These are just a few examples of the custom steel manufacturing products available from BHS. Everything is customizable; we design and build the products that bear the BHS name, which means that we can alter them to fit your specifications.

Start the conversation by calling the BHS sales team at +1 314 423 2075.