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WRS Wastewater Recycling Systems

Wastewater Recycling Systems


The BHS Wastewater Recycling System (WRS) is an automated, single structure recycling system that provides on-site wastewater management. The WRS treats, filters, and processes industrial wastewater to remove hazardous contaminants and particulates, ensuring that the recycled water is clean.


As the WRS receives dirty wastewater, an automatic pH adjustment control activates to raise the water to a pH level of 8. The wastewater is then treated with a reactive separating agent to encapsulate the contaminants and form large flocculent. Using gravity flow, the WRS separates the treated water from the flocculent by passing the water through an automatic deep bed filter.

The captured sludge is conveyed to a sludge catch bin, where it dries and hardens into a non-hazardous, non-leachable sludge. The sludge is certified landfill-friendly for standard trash disposal.

The clean water can be drained or held in a storage tank for reuse. This process can be performed in batches or in a closed loop system, continuously supplying clean water to a Battery Wash Cabinet (BWC).

The Wastewater Recycling System is ideal for a wide variety of industries. Here’s a partial list of applications for the WRS.

Industrial Applications

Types of Industry Waste Streams
General Metal Working Cutting and grinding oils, water soluble coolants
Metal finishing, polishing Burnishing, vibratory, deburring effluent
Metal fabricators Parts washer effluent
Rental and repair centers Steam cleaning, pressure washer effluent
General industry Mop water, compressor condensate, oils, metals and suspended solids
Painting, screening, paint coating Inks, latex solutions
Die casting Die lube, quench pits, machine, run-off
Plating, general manufacturing Dissolved metals emulsified
Truck wash centers Emulsified oil, suspended solids

Reclaim wastewater and safely isolate sludge with the Wastewater Recycling System. This system has been independently tested and meets EPA and NJDEP regulations. Contact our sales team at +1 314 423 2075  to learn more about Battery Wash Equipment or to find a local dealer.

  • Reclaims wastewater at a rate of two gallons per minute
  • Automatic pH adjustment control neutralizes water for removal of hazardous materials
  • Specially formulated reactive separating agent used in flocculation process removes soils, hydrocarbons, metals, etc. from wastewater
  • Sludge generated is non-hazardous, non-leachable, and certified landfill friendly for standard trash disposal
  • Wash water effluent micron filtered both before & after treatment
  • Produces clean, reusable water
  • Visual and audible alarms for operator notification on low supply of paper, flocculent, or caustic
  • Alarm activation disables WRS, preventing untreated water from going down the drain
  • Ozone purification removes bacteria for odor control*
  • Independently lab tested and approved to safely process wastewater while meeting EPA and NJDEP regulations
  • WRS-2-KIT includes wastewater transfer pump

* Standard on WRS-1, included on option WRS-MT2

Mobile Tank (WRS-MT)
330 gal (1249 L) Portable tank for transport of wastewater from other locations
Clean Water Holding Tank (WRS-MT2)
330 gal (1249 L) Portable tank stores clean water intended for reuse, and includes recycle module, pressurization pump, and ozone purification
Note: Option available on WRS-2 only
  • WRS-1
  • WRS-2
  • WRS-2-KIT