RNS-3-SS Recirculation / Neutralization System

Recirculation / Neutralization System


The BHS Recirculation / Neutralization System (RNS-3-SS) controls, filters, and recirculates water used for cleaning industrial batteries. This process cuts down on disposal fees by greatly reducing the output of contaminated wastewater.

When used with a BHS Battery Wash Cabinet, the Recirculation / Neutralization System creates a closed loop. This allows operators to use the same volume of water for multiple washes, limiting water and disposal needs. A closed-loop system also prevents staff from contact with corrosive wastewater and dramatically lowers the risk of spills.

The RNS-3-SS comes standard with a 200-gallon integral tank, a spray wand with 10-foot hose, and a 12-volt dc sump pump with float switch. A handheld pH meter allows staff to monitor pH levels as they return to a safe state.

This recirculation / neutralization machine filters down to five microns and features an on-demand, automatic start system. An auto-shutoff for filter service or low water level makes maintaining the system simple and easy.

The RNS-3-SS contains the fewest number of components in the industry to lower operating costs. The rotary gear pump has stainless steel internal parts to extend component life and reduce maintenance needs. A removable front panel allows convenient access when maintenance is required.

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Note: 120 volt / 1 phase / 60 hertz only. Contact Factory for other voltages and frequencies.

  • Filters down to 5 microns
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Rotary gear pump features stainless steel internal parts for extended component life
  • Removable front panels for convenient maintenance
  • Closed loop system (when coupled with a BWC) eliminates water supply and floor drains (battery wastewater must be properly treated and meet all applicable environmental regulations prior to disposal)
  • 70 psi (2.4 bar) at 12 gal/min (45 L/min) for high flood battery wash down
  • Includes a separate handheld pH meter to assist in monitoring pH levels
  • Fewest number of components in the industry lowers operating cost
  • Works with manual or automatic BHS Battery Wash Cabinets
  • On-demand, automatic start system
  • 100-micron bag filter insert captures larger particles
  • Auto shut-off and indicator light for filter service
  • Auto shut-off for low water level
  • Adjustable timed recirculation mode for pH adjusting
  • RNS-3-SS