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MWS-47-SS Stainless Steel Mobile Wash Station

Stainless Steel Mobile Wash Station


The Stainless Steel Mobile Wash Station creates a safe, EPA-compliant workspace for washing forklift batteries. The frame is constructed from 304/316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance and extreme durability. Inside, a battery bed of poly lead rollers and front-to-back friction strips simplifies loading and unloading the unit from the front.

Fork pockets boost mobility, giving users the option to carry the unit to batteries. This limits downtime caused by the vital maintenance task of washing forklift batteries. Meanwhile, the MWS-47-SS contains and transfers all wastewater to an external water tank (not included) for proper disposal. Splash curtains help to contain overspray and runoff.

The EPA considers wastewater generated by washing batteries to be hazardous waste, since it contains acid, particles of lead, and other pollutants. Mobile Wash Stations contain all of this wastewater for cleaning and reuse or other means of EPA-approved disposal. To learn more about which Mobile Wash Station is right for your application, call the BHS sales team at 1.800.BHS.9500.

  • Stainless steel construction offers rugged durability
  • Fork pockets for easy mobility*
  • Dual anchor points secure equipment during transport or to permanently secure equipment inside facility
  • Friction strips from front to back
  • Poly lead rollers with stainless steel shafts (three rows with two rollers per row)
  • Clear, vinyl drop-in splash curtain
  • 60” (1524 mm) side panel height
  • 32” (813 mm) rear top panel depth, hinged at mid-point

* Not to be used while battery is on MWS

Stainless Steel Mobile Wash Station Kit (MWS-47-SS-KIT)  Contains the Following:

  • Mobile Wash Station model MWS-47-SS
  • 120 V ac automatic sump pump in an external drain pan
  • 330 gal (1249 L) mobile clean water tank
  • Wash pump with 150 PSI at 5 gal/min mounted to clean water tank
  • Auxiliary hand spray wand
  • MWS-47-SS (Stainless-steel Mobile Wash Station)
  • MWS-47-SS-KIT (Stainless-steel Mobile Wash Station, Mobile Clean Water Tank, and Mobile Dirty Water Tank)