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Battery Fleet Management

Simplify your forklift fleet management strategy. BHS offers several management tools to provide advanced solutions for fleet inventory and monitoring. These systems help to prolong the life of forklift batteries, reduce maintenance costs, save time, and increase productivity, providing a quick return on investment in various applications.

By implementing a warehouse management system for your forklift battery fleet, you can substantially reduce the productivity losses associated with frequent changeouts. “First In, First Out” technology lets you identify the batteries that have been charging the longest, and a simple interface identifies batteries, chargers, and trucks in real time.

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Right-Sizing Your Forklift Fleet With BHS Battery Management Software

In order to achieve optimal performance, forklift fleet managers need accurate data about battery usage. BHS Battery Fleet Management Software provides an ongoing data stream, tracking vital operational statistics and maintenance tasks as they occur. This real-time feedback empowers managers to tailor their battery collections to changing productivity needs with incredible precision.

Accurately matching the size of your battery collection to the demands of your business — often referred to as “right-sizing” — reduces the operational costs of your fleet while improving overall performance and long-term productivity. BHS Battery Fleet Management Software produces the data you need to right-size your battery fleet, with the flexibility to adjust as your operation grows.

BHS Battery Fleet Management Software also tracks the maintenance tasks that are crucial for obtaining the full value of a battery. With BHS Fleet Tracker systems, you can easily follow planned maintenance schedules to extend the operating life of your equipment. The software tracks equalization cycles, wash intervals, watering needs, and all other tasks that keep forklift batteries operating at peak efficiency.

The software also makes battery watering more efficient by automatically listing watering needs in order of placement within the system. With this feature, staff can water batteries quickly while staying within an ordered sequence.

Battery Fleet Management Software with Instant Integration

For operators and managers, Fleet Tracker forklift management software is an easy-to-use option that can be quickly integrated into everyday changeout procedures. It does not require a direct hookup to forklift batteries or chargers, and a lightweight barcode scanner tracks information with the press of a button. Layered security, logins, and activity permissions ensure confidentiality and accuracy. The system also centralizes data across your facilities, allowing managers to gain instant access to detailed reports.

With BHS forklift fleet management tools, you can extend the operating life of batteries while improving operator efficiency, and easy-to-read reports will regularly identify new areas for improvement. As a leader in lift truck fleet optimization, we provide the assistance you need to get up and running quickly, and our systems can be adapted and optimized based on your facility’s needs. Call today for more information.