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CS-TIER Multi-Tier Charger Stands

Multi-Tier Charger Stands


BHS Multi-Tier Charger Stands provide a dedicated location to safely and conveniently store forklift battery chargers, while using minimal floor space. BHS charger stands are built to withstand harsh environments, provide sufficient access for maintenance tasks, and keep forklift battery chargers elevated, out of forklift travel paths. Pre-cut anchoring slots make it easy to secure chargers in all four corners.

To suit all types of chargers and requirements, BHS offers a variety of other charger mounting stands and brackets, as well as cable management accessories designed for use with charger stands to properly route charger cables.

  • Heavy-duty construction for added reliability
  • Charger anchoring slots for securing most makes of chargers
  • 800 lb (363 kg) capacity per shelf
  • Custom-built models also available to meet unique specifications
  • CS-36-2TIER (Two 36” Wide Tiers)
  • CS-36-3TIER (Three 36” Wide Tiers)
  • CS-36-4TIER (Four 36” Wide Tiers)
  • CS-72-2TIER (Two 72″ Wide Tiers)
  • CS-72-3TIER (Three 72″ Wide Tiers)
  • CS-72-4TIER (Four 72″ Wide Tiers)
  • CS-84-2TIER (Two 84″ Wide Tiers)
  • CS-84-3TIER (Three 84” Wide Tiers)