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CS-VHK-2 Dual Charger Stand Kit

Dual Charger Stand Kit


The Dual Charger Stand Kit is designed to mount two wall-mount chargers, either back-to-back or side-by-side. All hardware is included to mount chargers in either configuration. Two models are available, providing a choice in charger cable management.


  • Dual charger stand
  • (2) Cable Retractors with model CS-VHK or (2) Magnetic Cable Mounts with model CS-VHK-M
  • (4) Floor anchors
  • (2) Long crossbars – for side-by-side mounting of chargers
  • (4) Short crossbars – for back-by-back mounting of chargers

Model CS-VHK is pictured with chargers in side-by-side configuration, and with the additional hardware.

  • Heavy duty construction for added reliability
  • Stand anchors securely to the floor
  • Fully adjustable at any level
  • CS-VHK-2 (includes Cable Retractors)
  • CS-VHK-M (includes Magnetic Cable Mounts)