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DTC Dual Transfer Carriage

Dual Transfer Carriage


The BHS Dual Transfer Carriage (DTC) converts an existing pallet jack into an efficient, portable battery changer. The DTC is equipped with three battery compartments which allow two battery change-outs anywhere in your facility. The pass through design of the Dual Transfer Carriage (DTC) conveniently allows battery exchange to and from stands on either side of the unit. Lift truck servicing can be accomplished from the right side of the DTC*.

* Arm reach side is from pallet truck operator’s perspective.

  • Three 16” (406 mm) wide battery compartments
  • Hydraulic-powered with multi-axis extractor arm
  • Magnet extraction ideal for use with narrow batteries
  • Pivoting magnet allows magnet to be attached to either side of the battery for extracting and replacing batteries from either side of the unit
  • Combination of lead rollers and friction strips provides increased battery stability during transport
  • Lowers system cost by utilizing existing equipment
  • Mounts easily to powered pallet truck with 60” (1524 mm) or longer forks
  • Pendant control for ease of operation
  • Dual SB-175 gray connector harness plugs into the pallet truck and battery, powering the DTC and pallet truck simultaneously
  • Load and unload batteries to stands on either side of the unit
  • Durable powder coat finish resists both acid and scratches
  • DTC-16 (Three 16″ wide battery compartments)