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Battery Carts & Carriages

BHS creates exceptional battery handling equipment for lift truck fleets of any size. Our comprehensive line of battery carts and carriages provides an ideal solution for operations that conduct between one and 50 forklift battery change-outs per day.

This collection is highly customizable, with a wide range of available options to meet your facility’s exact battery handling needs. Click on any of the products listed below to read more or call +1 314 423 2075 to locate your nearest dealer.

Matching Battery Transfer Equipment to Your Lift Truck Fleet

BHS battery carts and carriages help to limit changeout times, providing an excellent return on investment in various applications. We offer options for every facility, and from the rugged durability of our Roller Transfer Carts to the high-capacity service of the Mobile Battery Extractor, we provide dependable lift truck battery changers for fleets of all sizes.

Some of the features of our battery carts and battery carriages include:

  • Flexible Features for Different Applications

    – Many BHS transfer carriages can be mounted to an existing pallet truck, converting your existing equipment into an efficient, reliable battery changer. Other models include self-powered travel or track-guided manual mobility. BHS transfer carriages utilize a variety of technologies to suit different operating conditions, including hook and chain, magnetic, and vacuum grips, each carefully engineered to prevent common sources of forklift battery damage and premature casing wear.

  • Superior Mobility

    – The full range of BHS Battery Transfer Carriages — available in every combination of manual and powered functionality — is equipped with smooth-rolling casters to easily transport batteries to charging stands. Phenolic wheels provide low rolling resistance without damaging floors. Battery carts feature heavy duty construction for an extraordinarily long service life, and load capacities from 2,400 to 3,000 pounds support most types of industrial batteries.

  • Best-in-Class Engineering

    – In the battery compartment, roller beds comprised of heavy duty, poly-sleeved rollers facilitate transfer while preventing sparks and resisting corrosion. Some transfer carriages are available with friction strips at the end of the battery bed to ensure stability during travel, and in most models, a variety of compartment width options can accommodate batteries of virtually any size.

Most of our products feature a powerful steel frame with an acid- and scratch-resistant powder coating. Exceptional craftsmanship ensures that every BHS cart and carriage provides dependable functionality across its entire service life.

Resources for BHS Battery Carts and Carriages

If you have any questions about parts, warranties, or maintenance for BHS battery carts and carriages, please contact our technical support group at +1 314 423 2075.