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BE-SICK Safety Scanner

Safety Scanner


The Safety Scanner (BE-SICK) is a compact system which scans the environment around an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor to identify objects or pedestrians in its detection zone. The safety device stops movement of the extractor upon detection of potential danger.

Its compact format and low weight make the Safety Scanner ideal for integrating with an Operator Aboard Battery Extractor. This scanner has the smallest safety laser scanner in the world with a height of just 116 mm.

This safety device scans in a fan shape around a battery extractor to identify objects and other collision hazards. It scans both vertically and horizontally to a 270-degree angle giving complete protection from accidents.

The Safety Scanner is ideal for protecting hazardous areas, safeguarding hazardous points, and protecting automatic guided systems. The instrument has a triple field set, with one protective field and two warning fields.

The BHS commitment to total customer service and support continues after the sale of all BHS products with a 13-month guarantee against defective parts and workmanship. Our products have a reputation of quality and durability that our customers know to expect.

Protect your staff and equipment with a BHS Safety Scanner. Contact our sales team at +1 314 423 2075  to learn more about the Safety Scanner and other Battery Room Accessories or to find a local dealer.

  • Compact format and low weight make integration easy
  • Smallest safety laser scanner in the world with a height of 116 mm
  • Scans environment in a fan shape to identify objects in detection zone
  • Vertical and horizontal protection with 270 degree scanning angle
  • Ideal for protecting hazardous areas, safeguarding hazardous points or access protection for machines and systems, as well as for protecting automated guided systems
  • Triple field set: one protective field, two warning fields
  • Up to 3 m protective field range
  • 95 square cm footprint