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HEF-KIT Hydrogen Exhaust Fan Kit

Hydrogen Exhaust Fan Kit


The BHS Hydrogen Exhaust Fan Kit (HEF-KIT) monitors hydrogen gas levels, activating operating alarms and ventilation fans when necessary to exhaust gases. The HEF-KIT is intended for use in battery charging rooms and other areas where hydrogen gas may be present.

The HEF-KIT consists of a dual-relay Hydrogen Gas Detector (HGD-DR) and a Hydrogen Exhaust Fan (HEF-1). The Hydrogen Gas Detector monitors hydrogen gas and warns staff before gas accumulates to dangerous levels.

Should the concentration of hydrogen gas in the air surrounding the sensor reach 1 percent by volume, the yellow Warning LED will light and the 1-percent internal relay will close, activating the Hydrogen Exhaust Fan for forced ventilation. If the concentration reaches 2 percent by volume, the red Danger LED will flash, an 80-decibel alarm will sound, and the 2-percent internal relay will close. The relays will remain closed, and the LEDs lit, with the exhaust fan and alarm activated until the hydrogen concentration drops below the corresponding percentages.

Federal safety regulations require employers to monitor and ventilate hydrogen in battery charging areas. OSHA, IFC, NFPA, and IEEE all mandate or recommend these essential safety precautions.

Protect your staff and your warehouse with state-of-the-art hydrogen monitoring and ventilating equipment.
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  • Continuous monitoring of hydrogen gas levels
  • Reliable, highly sensitive, highly stable solid state sensor
  • Forced ventilation
  • Positive airflow shutoff
  • Louvered dampers on exterior of fan prevent domestic air from escaping the room while fan is not in operation
  • Remote firefighter’s shutdown capability (recommended per NEC 501)
  • Improve battery room air quality by exhausting gases produced during battery charge
  • Reduce costs with controlled fan operation and prevent unnecessary escape of climate-controlled air
  • A HEF-KIT aids in compliance with the following standards:
    NEC 480.9 Ventilation of Battery Rooms, NEC 501.125. (B), 501.105 (1-3), NFPA 2 Hydrogen Technology Code