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CRTL Compartment Roller Tray—Low Profile

Compartment Roller Tray—Low Profile


BHS offers Roller Trays for forklift battery compartments of all shapes and sizes, allowing the conversion from overhead- to side-extraction for virtually any industrial truck. Choose the Compartment Roller Tray – Low Profile (CRTL) when a lift truck’s battery bed is short on room.

This unique low-profile design occupies a minimal amount of space in the battery compartment, allowing extra clearance for the installation and removal of batteries. The CRTL accomplishes this task with unique, double-track construction. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel, and rollers are designed to bear the weight of forklift batteries for decades of use.

Each Compartment Roller Tray is finished with the BHS standard powder coating. This topcoat resists the corrosive effect of spilled electrolyte while helping to absorb the great weights of forklift batteries, without scratches or failure.

The CRTL offers simple and secure installation with two pre-drilled anchor holes. Additional welding will make the change even more reliable. For temporary, drop-in installation, choose the Compartment Roller Tray – Low Profile Plate Mount (CRTL-PM).

The BHS Compartment Roller Tray – Low Profile comes standard with 1-inch (25 millimeter) height. While all three standard models share a length of 30 inches, choose between widths that range from 7 to 16 inches.

If the battery compartments in your lift truck fleet have unconventional dimensions, BHS will custom engineer and manufacture Compartment Roller Trays to meet any specification. Contact the BHS sales team at +1 314 423 2075 to learn more about these Low Profile Compartment Roller Trays, or to start the conversation about a custom job.

  • Engineered for ease and efficiency
  • 1″ (25 mm) standard height; 30″ (762 mm) length
  • Heavy duty construction for added reliability
  • Other sizes built to your specifications
  • CRTL-7
  • CRTL-12
  • CRTL-16