UP-424 Universal Polypropylene Roll

Universal Polypropylene Roll


The BHS Universal Polypropylene Roll is 100% polypropylene and instantly begins absorbing liquids on contact. The UP-424 absorbs water, oil and everything in between including acid. This highly absorbent material has a spun-bond cover stock on one side, while the other remains uncovered for greater traction. It is heat-sealed for extra strength when fighting tough spills.

The Universal Polypropylene Roll gives warehouse operations a flexible solution for a variety of spills. Contact our sales team at +1 314 423 2075 to find out more about essential safety and spill equipment from BHS.

  • 30″ to 150′ (762 mm to 46 m) perforated roll
  • 100% polypropylene instantly begins absorbing liquids on contact for safe clean-up
  • Universal, absorbing water, oils and everything in between including acid
  • Highly absorbent with spun bond cover stock on one side and one side without for traction
  • Heat sealed for extra strength

Note: It is strongly recommended to use the UP-424 with acid neutralizer. See AcidSorb for neutralizer.

  • UP-424