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SK-WM Spill Kit Wall Mount

Spill Kit Wall Mount



  • (1) Powder-coated wire rack
  • (4) Cartons of AcidSorb
  • (1) Pair of safety goggles
  • (1) Face shield
  • (1) Pair of nitrile gloves
  • (1) Pair of rubber overboots
  • (1) Disposable apron
  • (1) Counter broom and dustpan (in model SK-WM-1) or (1) Deck brush with telescoping handle and dustpan (in model SK-WM-2)
  • (12) Self-sealing, disposable bags
  • (1) Spill response station signs
  • Complete kits include everything needed to contain and clean battery acid spills
  • Easy to open design provides quick access to protective products
  • Clear instructions provided for safe and accurate clean-up
  • Fast acting products begin working immediately upon application
  • Sorbents leave surfaces completely dry
  • SK-WM-1 (Contains counter broom and dustpan)
  • SK-WM-2 (Contains deck brush with telescoping handle and dustpan)