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Funding & Incentives

From tax breaks to grant programs, government funding can help with capital investments on forklift battery rooms, material handling equipment, and electrical tools. Learn more here.


  • Electric Forklift Fuel Savings Compared with IC Trucks

    A recent claim by a leading energy provider states that electric forklifts can save up to 80 percent of the fuel costs associated with trucks that run on internal combustion engines, specifically those powered by liquid propane. Of course, an electric company certainly has a vested interest in encouraging the switch from IC to electric power. So how accurate is... Continue Reading
  • U.K. Tax Incentives and Benefits for Battery Handling Equipment After Brexit

    European Union programs pump up to £1.5 billion into the United Kingdom’s private sector every year. Much of that funding provides assistance for capital investments, including battery room upgrades. What’s going to happen to those programs once the U.K. triggers Article 50, beginning the official withdrawal from the EU? This is an urgent question, especially since Prime Minister Theresa May... Continue Reading
  • Russian Tax Incentives for Battery Handling Equipment

    The Russian forklift market has been on the decline in recent years. In 2015, for instance, Russian business owners bought 6,000 fewer lift trucks than they had the previous year. However, the picture isn’t entirely gloomy. Expedited shipping in Russia has grown steadily between 2010 and 2014, and was worth 55.6 billion rubles in 2014. The Russian e-commerce market swelled... Continue Reading
  • Government funding for Battery Handling Equipment in Hungary

    The Hungarian market for lift trucks grew only slightly in 2015, the last year for which the Industrial Truck Association provided statistics. However, even incremental growth represents thousands of units, and every new fleet of electric forklifts in Hungary needs a well-outfitted battery room to achieve peak profitability. Operator Aboard Battery Extractor Systems from BHS Global provide the quickest, safest,... Continue Reading
  • Czech Incentives for Battery Handling Equipment

    The Czech Republic has seen a gradual increase in the number of electric forklifts in the field since 2015. As more facilities go electric, the demand for battery handling equipment which improves safety and efficiency has expanded accordingly. There’s no reason to be daunted by investment costs for the battery room — or, for that matter, for warehouse equipment in... Continue Reading
  • Polish Tax Incentives for Forklift Battery Handling Equipment Purchases

    In 2015, companies in Poland led a 10 percent increase in Eastern Europe’s demand for forklifts. The Polish lift truck market is currently the largest in the region, comprising 33 percent of the total Eastern European market (including Russia) in 2015. As the material handling needs of the nation grow, Polish enterprises will need forklift battery handling equipment that can... Continue Reading
  • Chile’s Tax Incentives for Battery Handling Equipment

    Chile’s warehousing sector will grow substantially in the next few years. Statistics aggregator site Statista projects continuous gains in Chile’s warehousing industry through 2018. According to their analysis, the value of warehousing and storage businesses in Chile will top US$3 billion by the end of that year. That makes it a great time to build in Chile, whether you’re a... Continue Reading
  • How to Save on Investments in Battery Handling Equipment in Indonesia

    The logistics market in Indonesia is on the rise. According to the Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI), the nation will see double-digit growth for the industry in 2016. That means Indonesia will need many more warehouses and distribution centers, which, in turn, will drive a dramatic increase in demand for electric forklifts and battery handling equipment, as well as more traditional... Continue Reading