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TBS Traveling Battery Stands

Traveling Battery Stands


The BHS Traveling Battery Stand (TBS) is track-mounted with the capacity to hold both a charged battery and a discharged battery during battery change-out. The TBS also provides a location for the discharged battery to recharge.

  • ± 0.5″ (± 13 mm) adjustable legs for added convenience
  • Spark-proof, poly-sleeved rollers reduce corrosive build-up and extend product life
  • Efficient one-person changing system
  • Easy-grip push handles
  • Available with two (2TBS) or three (3TBS) compartments
  • 6” (152 mm) minimum roller height (only 6” height is non-adjustable, anchored to floor)
    Note: roller height required when ordering
  • 3,600 lb (1633 kg) total capacity
  • Custom-built models also available to meet unique specification
  • 2TBS-1040 (Two 10″ Compartments)
  • 2TBS-1540 (Two 15″ Compartments)
  • 2TBS-2140 (Two 21″ Compartments)
  • 3TBS-1040 (Three 10″ Compartments)
  • 3TBS-1540 (Three 15″ Compartments)
  • 3TBS-1850 (Three 18″ Compartments)