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EBS-SL Single Level System Stands

Single Level System Stands


BHS Single Level System Stands (EBS-SL) provide the ideal location to charge, store, and exchange lift truck batteries with convenience and ease. These heavy-duty, steel-constructed stands complement a Single Side or Single Level Operator Aboard Battery Extractor. Several compartment configurations, safety features, and options are available to provide custom solutions.

Note: 8″ (203 mm) roller height standard. Use suffix -1 to indicate without charger shelf frame when ordering.

  • Spark-proof, poly-sleeved rollers reduce corrosive build-up and extend product life
  • Extra-heavy-duty construction for long service life
  • Models available in various compartment widths to accommodate batteries from 15” to 48” (381 mm to 1219 mm)
  • Hitch pin-secured roller axles for ease of maintenance
  • Rearward-pitched battery slots to assist in battery retention
  • Welded system feet
  • Six rollers per compartment
  • Foot pad dimensions: 0.25” x 3” x 5” (6 mm x 76 mm x 127 mm)
  • 24” (610 mm) deep charger shelf
  • Adjustable backstops provide compartment depths from 18” to 49.5” (457 mm to 1257 mm)
  • Bolt-together shelf design for reduced shipping cost
  • Custom designs available to fit all battery changing requirements
Cable Retractor (CR-1)
Utilizes a heavy-duty spring with safety chain and restrainer to secure battery cables and prevent cable damage
Leg Extension (BS-LE)
Increases roller height beyond standard 8” (203 mm) height up to 24” (610 mm)
Note: Consult factory for this option
Auxiliary Charger Shelf (EBS-CS)
Doubles charger quantity capacity
Without Charger Shelf (-1)
Excludes charger shelf when not required
  • EBS-15-2-SL
  • EBS-15-3-SL
  • EBS-15-4-SL
  • EBS-15-6-SL
  • EBS-18-2-SL
  • EBS-18-4-SL
  • EBS-18-6-SL
  • EBS-21-2-SL
  • EBS-21-4-SL
  • EBS-24-2-SL
  • EBS-27-2-SL
  • EBS-27-3-SL
  • EBS-30-2-SL
  • EBS-30-3-SL
  • EBS-33-2-SL
  • EBS-33-3-SL
  • EBS-36-2-SL
  • EBS-36-3-SL
  • EBS-42-2-SL