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POD Point of Discharge Station

Point of Discharge Station


Reduce storage footprint and enjoy safer change-outs for pallet truck batteries with the Point of Discharge Station (POD) from BHS, Inc. This steel-framed, powder-coated battery storage unit features eight compartments for pallet truck batteries, along with an integrated charger shelf.

This design creates a compact and convenient battery charging solution. Footprint is greatly reduced by positioning the battery compartments back to back, in double rows of four opposite-facing access points. Pallet truck operators can approach the station from either side, allowing two change-outs at a time. Poly-coated rollers guide batteries smoothly out of their storage beds and into side-access pallet trucks, while flip-up stops keep battery stock in place during storage.

The Point of Discharge Station (POD) can be purchased individually or as a kit (POD-KIT), which includes two Protective Rails and anchors for the POD and Protective Rails. This latter option is ideal for permanent installations.

The BHS POD Station is built to withstand harsh battery room conditions, providing a lifetime of dependable service. Contact our sales team at +1 314 423 2075 to learn more about this product.

  • Ergonomic and efficient battery changes for pallet trucks
  • 8 battery compartments; 5 rollers per compartment
  • Opposite-facing battery compartments provide access to two operators at once
  • Poly-coated rollers for spark-proof protection
  • Extra heavy-duty construction for long service life
  • Accommodates batteries up to 12.5” (317 mm)
  • Standard compartment depth 30” (762 mm)
  • Custom designs available to fit all battery changing requirements
  • Hitch pin secured roller axles for ease of maintenance
  • Rearward pitched battery slots to assist in battery retention
  • Welded system feet
  • Charger connector mounting holes
  • Bolt together shelf design for reduced shipping cost
  • Flip-up battery safety stop on each compartment
  • POD (POD Station)
  • POD-KIT (POD Station, Six POD Anchors, Two 5′ Protective Rails (PR-4), Twelve PR-4 Anchors)