BHS, Inc.’s Will Call Dropbox is the Parcel Locker for Industrial Applications

Feb. 3, 2020 — St. Louis, MO — BHS, Inc., a leading manufacturer of material handling equipment, now offers the Will Call Dropbox, a heavy-duty parcel locker with full IIoT functionality. Increasingly familiar with online consumers, parcel lockers provide secure, centralized access to packages 24 hours a day. With the Will Call Dropbox, the same option arrives for B2B applications.

“A typical pick-up locker from, say, Amazon or UPS, isn’t designed for the weight and size of construction materials or industrial tools,” said Melissa Bowen of the BHS marketing department. “Our Will Call Dropbox fills the gap for B2B distributors.”

Electrical wholesalers, material distributors, and supply chain professionals can use Will Call Dropboxes to simplify fulfillment and recieving, Bowen said. Smart locks generate single-use access keycodes, allowing customers to make purchases online and retrieve orders at their convenience. Shippers can drop off loads and send push notifications to recievers, complete with locker identifiers and the unique keycode for access.

The size and heavy-duty construction of a Will Call Dropbox provide time-saving advantages, particularly in the construction industry, Bowen said.

“Distributors can install a branded Will Call Dropbox at a customer’s work site,” she said. “That way they can deliver orders after hours, preventing costly delays.”

Smart locks share data with secure cloud-based IIoT systems, generating timestamped access logs and opening with keycodes, RFID cards, or mobile apps. Units are designed for indoor or outdoor use, with elevated steel legs, a weather-proof powder coating, and a sloped roof.

“When the B2B online shopping experience falls behind B2C, that pushes disintermediation into overdrive,” Bowen said. “And right now, giants like Amazon are trying to take over industrial distribution. The best way to fight back is to match the e-commerce experience shoppers are used to, including options like BOPIL [buy online, pick up in locker].”

“An IIoT-enabled Will Call Dropbox makes that possible,” she said.