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Material Storage and Handling for Bagged and Bundled Components

Working with bagged or bundled components requires unique precautions to protect against injuries. Shifting weight and awkward dimensions are two of the many tricky variables associated with these materials. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a helpful publication that addresses many of the common pitfalls of material handling. From a thorough reading of this document, we can recommend a… Continue Reading

Safe Material Handling and Storage for Marble, Granite, and Stone Slabs

Construction materials are often heavy and irregularly shaped, leading to considerable material handling challenges. In any facility that houses building materials, though, slabs of marble, granite, and stone may be the toughest items to store and transport. These unique materials require specialized equipment and proper training to keep staff safe. Luckily, experts at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have… Continue Reading

TT-971: Wash Cabinet Timer Settings

Models Affected: BWC-2 and BWC-3 The BWC control box, depending on model and options, can contain up to three timer relays. All three are set from the factory but can be adjusted, if necessary, by simply turning the dial to the desired setting. Description: The door delay timer, available on the BWC-2 only, delays both the door opening and the start of blow-off cycle once the wash cycle has completed. This allows the battery to drain inside the cabinet before being transferred to the rack, minimizing the amount of excess water draining from the battery onto the floor, extractor, and battery stands. The door delay is set at 2 minutes from the factory. The neutralization cycle timer, available on units… Continue Reading